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Roar (雄たけび) is the thirteenth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In another section of Orario, Ais finished off another monster. Loki commented that it wasn't that much of a challenge before asking a nearby Guild employee if that was all the monsters. The Guild employee answered that there still was the Silverback left in the Eastern Main Street. The three of them rushed off to the scene only to find a crowd of people there. Loki asked a nearby woman what the commotion was and heard that a white haired boy had defeated the Silverback. Loki and the Guild employee were puzzled but Ais knew exactly who it was. Moments later, Bell ran by with Hestia in his arms. Ais watched him run while thinking of meeting him again.

Bell rushed Hestia to the Hostess of Fertility and Syr took care of her. She informed Bell that Hestia simply overworked herself and that there wasn't anything else wrong with her. Syr apologized for making them get caught up in the mess because she forgot her purse and praised Bell. Bell told her that he wasn't brave and all he did was run but Syr didn't pay any attention to it. She leaned in toward Bell and told him that she fell in love with him. Embarrassed, Syr left to work downstairs.

Bell heard a noise come from within the room and entered to find Hestia on the ground. He asked her why she was tired and she told him that it was because of the dogeza she endured. Bell expressed his worry for Hestia but she told him that she would always be there for him. He couldn't hold his tears back and hugged her. The next day, Bell set off for the dungeon, ready to explore again.