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Meeting (出会い) is the fourteenth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Inside of the dungeon, Lili was being mocked by the adventurers of her party. Lili cursed. Meanwhile, in another part of the dungeon, Bell was having his first fight with a Killer Ant. He knew that a Killer Ant summoned allies if one took too long and so he killed it quickly. Bell was pleased with his new strength and made sure to thank Hestia for the Hestia Knife.

At the Guild, Eina was furious that Bell ignored her advice and went down to the 7th floor by himself. He protested by telling her that several of his abilities were already at E, something which she couldn't believe. She had him come to a room to take his shirt off and show her his status. Eina was shocked to see that his status was indeed at E but was worried about his lack of armor. Eina made up her mind and asked Bell if he was busy the next day.

The next day, Bell and Eina headed for the Babel to buy Bell some new armor to use. On the way there, Bell bumped into Lili but she left before he could say anything. The two arrived at the Babel and proceeded to the 4th floor where several Hephaestus Familia shops were located. Bell looked around at the prices and noticed that all of them were well out of his reach. As he pointed that out to Eina, a familiar voice called out to them, causing them to turn around and see Hestia dressed in work clothes. Bell and Hestia were shocked to see each other at the Babel.