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Shopping is the Source of all Calamities?? (お買い物は災いのもと??) is the fifteenth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


As Bell and Hestia were shocked at seeing each other at the Babel, Bell came to his senses first and asked her what she was doing. Hestia told him to forget everything and tried to leave but Bell refused to let her go. The two fought for a few seconds before Hestia ran back to the shop to work.

Bell and Eina continued on their trip up the tower. On a higher floor, the two entered a low priced Hephaestus Familia store to pick out armor for Bell. He looked around for a while until he saw a suit of armor in a crate located with some others in the corner. He noticed that it was made by Welf Crozzo and decided to buy it. Eina came over and offered to show him the armor she picked but noticed that he'd already picked the one made by Welf Crozzo instead. Bell bought the armor for 9,900 valis. Once outside, Eina gave Bell the Jade Protector for him to use and asked him to make sure to survive. Bell assured her that he would and that he would use her gift well.

Later that day, Bell was walking through an alley when a girl bumped into him. Ged Raish appeared soon after and demanded that Bell get out of the way so that he could attack Lili. Bell refused and drew his knife to fight him. However, since it was his first time fighting another adventurer, fear overcame him. Ged noticed this and tried to use it to his advantage but the fight was stopped by Ryuu. Ryuu warned him to not harm Bell as he was her coworker's fiance.