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Big Misunderstanding!? (大いなる勘違い!?) is the nineteenth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell retraced his footsteps to try and find his knife. As he did so, Lili bumped into him while she was running from Ryuu. Ryuu and Syr also arrived, having seemingly lost track of her target. However, Ryuu spotted Lili hiding behind Bell and removed her hood, only to see Chienthrope ears. She apologized for her behavior and checked with him about his knife. Upon seeing the knife he let out a cry of joy and grabbed Ryuu's hands. Ryuu instantly became red and told him that he should do things like that with Syr and not her. This caused Syr to go red out of embarrassment. He promised his goddess that he wouldn't drop it again and asked her where she found it. Ryuu revealed that a Pallum had it and so she suspected Lili. While they were talking, Syr walked over to Lili and cautioned her. After the two left, Bell invited Lili to go to the dungeon with him the next day.

The next day, Bell and Lili were in the dungeon. Lili revealed to Bell that she had a skill. Bell was surprised and slightly jealous, not knowing that he already had Liaris Freese.

At the Guild, a Soma Familia adventurer argued with an employee over the amount of money received from the exchange. Eina and Misha watched them from off to the side. Misha wondered why adventurers from the Soma Familia were obsessed with money while Eina became worried about Bell.