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That's Why I Run (だから僕は走る) is the second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the Guild, Eina and Misha Flott were discussing Bell and his recent events. Judging from her reaction, Misha wondered if Eina had a thing for him which she quickly denied.

Bell himself made his way to the Hostess of Fertility like he promised Syr earlier that day. He is awestruck at the atmosphere and the beautiful waitresses until Syr called his attention to her. Syr led him to the counter and sat down next to him due to not being busy. Mia Grand served him food while Syr explained to him why she decided to work at the Hostess of Fertility.

After talking for a little while, the Loki Familia arrived at the Hostess of Fertility and began their party. Bell immediately felt his eyes drawn to Ais and stared at her. He stared until a drunk Bete Loga started talking about the Minotaurs that the Loki Familia got rid of in the Dungeon that day and of a certain "tomato guy". Ais refused to agree with Bete and he decided to change the topic, asking Ais which man she would "mate with". Disgusted, Ais chose Bell in her mind and rejected Bete out loud. However, Bete reminded her that weaklings like Bell weren't worthy of being with her, something which she herself realized.

Frustrated and annoyed with his weak self, Bell ran out of the Hostess of Fertility without paying the bill. Ais chased after him though she stopped at the entrance and stared after him. Loki, wondering what was wrong with Ais, tried to sexually assault her but was immediately fought off with a punch to the face. Bell ran off to the Dungeon, ready to vent his frustration on the monsters within.