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Jealousy, Delight, and Bathing?? (嫉妬と歓喜と入浴??) is the twentieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Hestia was at the Divine Bathhouse getting ready for her date with Bell. While there, a surprised Demeter spotted her and came over. Hestia revealed to her that she had a date with Bell that same evening and told her the situation.

A day earlier, Hestia was tired from the work Hephaestus had given her. However, on her way home, she saw Bell and immediately tried to run to him. She stopped herself when she saw Lili and instead ran off. That night she visited a bar along with Miach and complained to him that Bell was with Lili. It became enough that Miach asked for the bill and took her back to the Hestia Familia home.

The next morning, Hestia had a hangover from the night before. Bell's news that he had dinner with Lili didn't help either. She asked in a roundabout manner that she wanted him to take her to dinner, causing him to promise that he would. Hestia instantly became better because of the good news and tried to force the dinner the same day when she realized that she smelled of alcohol. She made a promise with Bell to meet at the Amor Square at six before leaving for the Divine Bathhouse.

After hearing Hestia's situation, Demeter was surprised that she was going on a date with a man. The news spread across the bathhouse and the other Goddesses there flocked to her. Hestia revealed to them that her partner was a Human boy from her Familia. They asked her if she wasn't being tricked but she told them that she wasn't. Demeter asked Hestia what she liked about Bell and she answered that she liked everything about him. Hestia got out of the bath, ready for her date with Bell.