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The Calm before the Storm!? (嵐の前の静けさ!?) is the twenty first chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At six, Hestia arrived at the meeting spot in Amor Square and met with Bell. Their meeting was cut short when Demeter and the other Goddesses arrived to see what Bell was like.

The next day, Bell and Lili visited the Guild after their dungeon trip to exchange the magic stones and drop items for money. Bell gave Lili her share for the day when they left. While walking, Lili gave Bell some information on the Babel and revealed to him that she once yearned to die. He became concerned but she told him that she no longer had such a desire.

Up on the topmost floor of the tower, Freya looked down at Bell and Lili as they left. Ottar stood behind her for when she needed him. She marveled at how much he had grown and apologized to Hestia that she was going to take him.