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Carelessness is the Greatest Enemy!? (油断大敵!?) is the twenty second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


As Freya watched Bell and Lili walk, she marveled at him and his growth. She decided that it would be a good time for him to learn magic and walked over to the bookcase in the room to choose a grimoire. Freya decided on a book and wondered how he'd like it.

The next day, Bell and Lili were back in the dungeon. Bell easily fought the monsters until he was caught off guard by a Needle Rabbit while fighting a Killer Ant. Bell was forced to fall back due to their attacks. This left him open to their combined attack which Bell couldn't fully block. Lili realized his situation and used her magic sword without thinking and killed the Killer Ant, allowing Bell to easily deal with the Needle Rabbit.

After the battle, Lili lectured Bell on his behavior when he saw the magic sword that she was holding. Lili quickly hid the sword behind her back and made sure to tell him that she did it so that her income wouldn't drop, rather than because she wanted to. Bell asked about her meeting at the Soma Familia home the day before and she asked why he cared about it. He brought up the alcohol that they sold, causing Lili to reveal to him that they were failures. Bell expressed his interest in trying the Soma but Lili told him that he probably shouldn't.

The next day at the Hostess of Fertility, the employees were busy getting ready to open the place. Syr spotted a grimoire left on the counter and picked it up. Anya and Chloe also expressed an interest and Chloe asked Syr if it was a lost item. Mia shouted at them to work, scaring Arnya. Syr showed the grimoire to Mia who immediately recognized it for what it was and told her to place it where people could see it.