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Discovery (発現) is the twenty third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the Hostess of Fertility, Ryuu, Anya, and Chloe discussed the fact that Bell didn't return with Syr's lunch basket the day before. Syr denied searching for him but couldn't keep up with the others. Bell himself arrived soon after to return the basket and apologized to Syr. Syr noticed that he was feeling down and asked what was bothering him. He revealed that he'd had an incident with his supporter. Syr suggested for him to read a book while handing him the grimoire that'd been placed in the store. Bell agreed and took the grimoire.

Bell began reading the grimoire upon returning to the Hestia Familia home. As he began to read, the book caused him to see various visions during the process. Bell woke up later with Hestia standing in front of him. She had him lie down and updated his status. To her surprise, she discovered that Bell was now able to use magic. Hestia was disturbed with this discovery and discussed the magic with Bell. Hestia explained to Bell that his magic had no chant and that he could test it out the next day. However, Bell went against her wishes and secretly left for the dungeon that night to test Firebolt.