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Magic Will Call That? (魔法はアレを喚ぶ?) is the twenty fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell eagerly tested his new magic Firebolt on Goblins in the dungeon. Upon seeing his magic work, Bell kept on using it over and over until he was hit with a Mind Down. He was discovered by Ais Wallenstein and Riveria returning from lower floors. Some Goblins tried to attack him while he was unconscious but were quickly killed by Ais Wallenstein. Riveria checked his condition and asked Ais if she knew him. Ais explained that the boy was from the minotaur incident, causing Riveria to remember the incident. She thought up a way for Ais to compensate him and left.

A while later, Bell awoke to find that he was being given a lap pillow by Ais, and a few more moments passed before he fully comprehended the situation. Bell immediately got up and ran off, leaving Ais wondering why he always ran from her.

At the Hestia Familia home, Bell was depressed due to running from the girl he looked up to. Hestia walked past him and took a look through the book Bell had yesterday. She realized that it was a grimoire and asked him where he got it. She explained that a grimoire lost its effect once it was used and cost equal or more than a piece of first grade equipment from the Hephaestus Familia. Bell immediately paled and ran off to return the book.

Bell quickly made his way to the Hostess of Fertility to talk to Syr. She tried to maintain her innocence but failed. The commotion caused Mia to come over and look at the grimoire. She noticed that Bell read it and got rid of it, saying that whoever lost it was to blame. Syr gave Bell the usual lunch and wished him luck in the dungeon.

At Bom's shop, Lili once again brought something in to sell. While examining the item, Bom warned Lili about the Pallum thieves that were acting up and told to keep a look out. However, she told him that adventurers did the same thing and that they shouldn't be talking.