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Soma (神酒) is the twenty fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Before going to the dungeon, Bell bought potions from Naaza. Naaza used verbal techniques to talk Bell into buying slightly expensive potions. He thanked her for the potions and left the Miach Familia home to head for the dungeon.

Upon arriving at the entrance to the Babel, Bell saw Lili surrounded by a couple members of the Soma Familia. He tried to help her but was stopped by Ged. Ged asked if he would join in on trapping Lili, however Bell refused his offer and told him that Lili was his partner. Ged became irritated with him and left. Lili also was released and walked over. She asked Bell what he had discussed with Ged and decided it would be time to leave him.

Around the same time, Eina was looking at Soma wine. She met Riveria there and she invited her to the Loki Familia home. The two met Ais there. Eina noticed that Ais was depressed and Riveria revealed that she'd been run from by a man she'd been interested in. She opened the bottle of Soma which attracted Loki to their location.

Loki praised Riveria for buying the Soma and then noticed Eina. She became suspicious due to Eina being an employee at the Guild and questioned why she was here. Riveria told her that Eina was her guest. Taking a drink of the Soma, Loki told Eina that she would tell her what she wanted. Eina asked about the Soma Familia, causing Loki to tell her that they were a weird group that gathered around Soma just so they could drink of the real Soma wine. To do that, they needed to have one of the highest payment contributions and so they were obsessed with money. Loki warned Eina that if she had anyone that worked with a member of the Soma Familia, they should watch themselves so they wouldn't get into any trouble.