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The 10th Floor (10階層) is the twenty sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the Hestia Familia home, Hestia and Bell discussed the situation involving Lili. Hestia pointed out that Lili was hiding something and told him to be careful.

The next day, Bell met Lili at the Babel. Lili suggested that they try the 10th floor. He wasn't sure due to never being down there but she assured him that it would be fine. She gave him a short sword for him to use to try and get him to hand her the knife. However, Bell remembered Hestia's words from the night before and placed the Hestia Knife in his left holder, much to Lili's disappointment.

Eina walked around trying to find Bell when she ran into Ais. She took the opportunity to thank her for helping Bell but was surprised when she became depressed. Eina overheard three Soma Familia adventurers nearby talking about Lili and knew that she had to do something. She asked Ais if she would help Bell and she agreed to her request.

Bell and Lili arrived on the 10th floor and Bell explored it for the first time. As they looked around, an Orc approached them ready to fight.