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Death (死) is the twenty eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Lili left Bell on the 10th floor and escaped to the 8th floor. While escaping she reflected on her past and her desire to escape the Soma Familia. She used Cinder Ella to return back to her normal form.

However, Lili was ambushed by Ged and attacked. He took all of the items she had and pocketed them. At that moment, Canoe Belway and two other Soma Familia adventurers appeared. They demanded that Ged leave everything, proving their point by using Killer Ant bodies to lure their allies over. Ged had no choice but to comply and ran off, only to be killed by Killer Ants in the passageway.

Canoe helped Lili only to steal the key that she had around her neck and use her as a decoy. As the Killer Ants surrounded her, Lili gave up hope and started thinking about Bell. To her surprise, Bell himself appeared at the moment and used Firebolt to drive some of the monsters away.