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Trust (信頼) is the twenty ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the Babel, Eina visited Hestia at the shop she worked at. Despite being there for an inspection she took advantage of the time to talk to Hestia about Lili. She expressed her objection at them being together but Hestia told her that it wouldn't be any use as Bell trusted Lili. She remembered the words he'd told her the night before about Lili. Hestia assured Eina not to worry.

In the dungeon, Bell got rid of some Killer Ants and reached Lili at the center. Lili was surprised that he came to save her and returned the Hestia Knife to him. Bell easily dispatched the remaining Killer Ants with his knife and short sword. Lili questioned why he saved her and he initally replied that it was because she was a girl, and after being scolded told her that it was because it was Lili. Lili became unable to hold her emotions back and cried in Bell's arms.