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Night Before Awakening (覚醒前夜) is the third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


After being mocked by Bete at the Hostess of Fertility, Bell ran around in the dungeon killing monsters to vent his anger. During his rampage he came down to the 6th Floor without realizing it and walked into a dead end room. Suddenly, the wall cracked open and two War Shadows appeared. War Shadows were the strongest monster on the 6th floor and could kill rookie adventurers if they weren't prepared. To his surprise, Bell was able to fight them due to the effects of Liaris Freese and managed to defeat both War Shadows. However, after the battle finished, more cracks appeared and a whole group of War Shadows and Frog Shooters appeared. He knew that he couldn't back down if he was going to reach Ais' level.

Back at the Hestia Familia home, Hestia was getting worried about Bell. She paced around inside of the church until she heard the door open and saw Bell standing there with his clothes torn and blood on his body. She asked where he'd been and he told her that he'd been in the dungeon. Hestia became worried and told him to clean himself up, also taking the opportunity to try and get into the same bed as him. Bell agreed which caused her to fantasize about it but snapped her out of it by telling her that he wanted to become stronger.