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Restart (リスタート) is the thirtieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Several days after saving Lili, Bell was at a cafe getting drinks. He reflected back to two days after the incident when he invited Lili to go to the dungeon with him again.

Bell brought the drinks to the table only to find Lili and Hestia in a bad mood. Hestia was still suspicious of Lili and asked her if she was going to try and trick Bell again. Lili promised that she would never betray him ever again. Although Hestia decided to leave him in her care, she tried to make Bell her own. However, Lili fought back and the two began fighting.

A few days earlier, Eina had asked Ais to save Bell in the dungeon. She killed the Orcs that he was fighting, allowing him to go after Lili. Ais looked around and saw that Bell had left but noticed that he had accidentally left behind his protector.