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The Boy and the Sword Princess (少年と剣姫) is the thirty first chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Freya sat in her room at night, praising Bell on his growth. She asked Ottar about the wall in his growth and he pointed out that it was the minotaur. Freya decided to take a risk and accelerate his growth even more by leaving the situation to Ottar.

The next morning, Bell visited Eina at the Guild only to find Ais with her. He immediately became embarrassed and tried to run. Ais and Eina ran after him and stopped him before he could get far. Eina then left the two alone to talk about what they needed to talk about. The two both apologized to each other and Ais returned his protector. She asked about his growth and offered to teach him, wanting to know Bell's secret behind his growth. Bell had no idea of her real reason but still accepted her offer.