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The Beginning of the Strategy (策謀の始まり) is the thirty third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Ais told Bell that he was afraid of something and he knew that it was the minotaur. He became afraid and was easily defeated over and over again by Ais.

Around the same time, Ottar visited the 17th floor to fulfill Freya's request. He recalled Freya's words about jealousy and remembered that he told her that her love extended to everyone. As he stood there, a minotaur appeared to challenge him. Ottar easily blocked the minotaur's attack and decided that the minotaur was the one that he was going to train.

Back at the wall, Ais was still teaching Bell. She pointed out to him that most people relied on the Falna instead of techniques. Despite Ais beating him over and over again, Bell got back up each time to try and reach her level.