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Holy War Breaks Out (聖戦勃発) is the thirty fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


While in the dungeon, Bell and Lili rested to eat. Bell asked Lili about magic and she told him that magic could decide the battle and become stronger. He asked her if his magic was weak to which she answered that as he grew stronger his magic would as well.

Bell awoke to find himself being given a lap pillow by Ais. His embarrassment took over and he distanced himself. He thanked her for her help. Ais asked him why he grew so much and he told her that there was someone he wanted to catch up to. Ais also agreed to his reason and decided that they would practice taking a nap. Bell asked her if she was sleepy but she insisted that it was training.

As they laid there, Bell couldn't sleep. He gazed at her sleeping before realizing that he had moved close to her. He looked up and saw his grandfather trying to push him toward Ais while Hestia appeared to try and stop him. His grandfather won and he was about to kiss Ais when she told him to wait. Bell immediately retreated and was relieved when he saw that she just talked in her sleep. Bell calmed himself down and slept next to Ais.