Assault (強襲) is the thirty sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Freya watched Bell and Ais train from her room at the top of the Babel. She watched them for a while before she realized that she was jealous. Amused, Freya decided to stir things up a little.

Bell and Ais decided to get something to eat. Ais suggested a Jagamarukun stall in northern Orario which gave Bell a bad feeling. Sure enough, Hestia worked at the Jagamarukun stall. Hestia became angry and tried to distance Bell from Ais but Bell asked her if he could keep training until Ais went on her expedition. Hestia only agreed as long as she was allowed to watch their training.

On the way back from training, the three walked into a dark street to find that someone had destroyed the lights. At that moment a visored young Cat People man appeared and tried to attack Bell but was blocked by Ais. The two fought for a while until four visored Pallums tried to attack Ais. She fought the Cat People man and the four Pallum off at the same time. Hestia suggested escaping but their path was blocked by several Level 1 adventurers. Bell decided to fight them to help Ais and Hestia.

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