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Foreboding?? (虫の知らせ??) is the thirty ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the dungeon, Canoe tried to fight back against the monstrous minotaur. In an attempt to protect himself, Canoe used the magic sword he stole from Lili. However, his magic sword immediately broke after using it. Soon after the minotaur emerged unscathed from the attack and slashed Canoe in-half. Ottar watched the scene from afar and noted the minotaur's growth.

At the Hestia Familia home, Bell was just about to leave. At that same moment Hestia saw the handle of his cup broke. A bad feeling struck her and she made Bell update his status before he left. As she updated his status Hestia became astonished by Bell's S levels. Bell soon noticed the time and quickly got dressed and left. After Bell left, Hestia wondered about the SS listed in his status.

Bell met up with Lili and they went down to the 9th floor. Lili asked if anything was bothering him and Bell told her that something was wrong. He had noticed that there were too few monsters and a bad feeling came upon him. Bell decided to quickly go down to the 10th floor. Unknown to them, the minotaur was following them from behind.