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That's Why I Want to Help (だから僕は力になりたい) is the fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


A long time ago, the Gods and Goddesses came down to the lower world to live with their children. They became tired of their boring lives and decided to live lives full of hardships. The Gods gave blessings to those that joined their Familia and in turn they became the Gods' followers.

Bell awoke to find Hestia sleeping with him and quickly distanced himself. Soon after, Hestia updated his status and was surprised again at his growth. After debating about it within herself she decided to tell him about his growth without telling him of his skill. Liaris Freese was most likely a Rare Skill. If the other Gods heard about, they would most likely bother him to no end about it. Hestia described his situation as best as she could without mentioning his skill and made him promise that he wouldn't leave her. Bell promised her that he would become stronger but wouldn't leave her. Hestia thanked him and told him that she would be gone for the next few days to attend the God's Banquet hosted by Ganesha.

Later that day, Bell returned to the Hostess of Fertility to pay the money he owed. He met Ryuu Lion and Anya Fromel who were getting ready to open the place. Anya immediately remembered him as the white haired guy from the night before and accused him of sucking Syr dry before dumping her. Syr herself came to meet them and handed Bell his lunch for the day. Mia appeared soon after and dismissed the girls to resume their duties. She praised Bell for paying and gave him some advice before sending him off to the dungeon.

That night, Hestia arrived at the I am Ganesha, the Ganesha Familia home. Hestia was busy eating the food and taking some of it home to Bell. A voice called out to her from behind and she saw that Hephaestus was at the banquet. Hestia was glad to see her but Hephaestus reminded her that she wouldn't be lending her any more money after leeching off of her for so long. Freya also joined the conversation as she'd been with Hephaestus. Hestia told Freya that she didn't like her but she had someone else that she hated, which was Loki. Loki arrived and fought with Hestia, telling her that she wore a dress just to laugh at her. However, Hestia turned the situation around by telling Loki that she was the one who was going to be laughed at by emphasizing her flat chest by wearing a dress. Angered, both Goddesses began to fight.