Fate (因縁) is the fortieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

In the dungeon, Bell and Lili heard the Minotaur's cry and encountered it while Freya watched the battle. Bell became overcome with fear and couldn't move. Lili desperately tried to get him back to his senses but it proved to be no avail as Bell was far too dumbstruck from fear. As the Minotaur launched an attack with its sword, Lili was forced to push the immobile Bell to safety. Unfortunately, it left Lili badly injured.

Bell came to his senses after and noticed that Lili was injured. He told himself that he was scared of the Minotaur, but he was much more scared of letting Lili die. He threw her to the side and began to fight the Minotaur. Bell tried using Firebolt against the Minotaur to no effect as the monster charged right through it and punched Bell right in the chest plate. The force from the punch made him hurtle right into the wall, making most of his armor detach from him. As Bell struggled to regain his composure from the deafening blow, a sense of powerlessness covered him and he felt that he couldn't win against the Minotaur. Soon after the minotaur began to roar.

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