DanMachi Chapter 42
At the End of Despair
 Japanese 絶望の果て
 Romaji Zetsubou no Hate
 Pages 11
 Release Date September 3, 2015
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At the End of Despair (絶望の果て) is the forty second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


On the 9th floor of the dungeon, Bell was running around the Minotaur, desperately trying to buy time to allow Lili to escape. He thought that once Lili escaped, he could also escape. He tried moving around the Minotaur, but the monster noticed him and attacked him. The Minotaur destroyed the Green Protector with one of its horns and threw Bell up into the air. Bell landed on the ground and pain grasped his whole body. As he was about to give up, he saw Ais arrived to help him.




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