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Awakening (覚醒) is the forty third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the dungeon, Ais arrived during Bell's fight with the Minotaur and praised him for trying his best before announcing that she would save him. However, Bell refused to back down and instead told her that he couldn't have her save him again. The others arrived as Ais watched. Bete recognized Bell as the "tomato boy" and knew that there was no way he would ask Ais for help. While Tiona argued with Bete about his words, Lili begged him to save Bell, promising to do anything. Lili collapsed after that and Riveria reminded her that while her injuries were healed she had still lost blood.

Bete ultimately decided to help Bell out. However, he noticed Ais, Finn, and Tione watching silently and wondered what was happening. Finn asked Bete if Bell really was a new adventurer a month ago to get his confirmation. He didn't understand why Finn asked him until he saw Bell fighting evenly with the Minotaur. Bete was shocked at Bell's skill and wondered how the boy was able to fight with a Minotaur after only a month.