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Argonaut (英雄願望) is the forty fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Before the Minotaur, Bell cleared his mind and strengthened his determination. As the members of the Loki Familia watched, Tiona mentioned the tale of the Argonaut, remembering that she used to like the story.

In her room in the Babel, Freya was also watching Bell fighting the Minotaur through a mirror. She was overcome by it, filled with excitement, then filled with ecstasy. Freya asked Ottar if he was also watching the beautiful scene.

Finn and Riveria were impressed at how well Bell was fighting, though they knew that he needed to try harder to cut the Minotaur's skin. They continued to analyze the battle and the way Bell fought. Bell blocked the Minotaur's attack again, though this time the baselard that he had was broken in half. He threw the broken weapon at the Minotaur, rushing forward at the same time. Bell attacked first with the knife in his right hand, swung around, and then severed the Minotaur's right arm with his Hestia Knife. This forced the Minotaur to let go of the large sword it was holding. Bell grabbed the large sword to use it in the battle.