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Denatus Begins (神会(デナトゥス)開幕) is the forty eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the 30th floor of the Babel, the Gods began the Denatus, sharing gossip that they had heard. Eventually Loki ordered everyone to be silent as they were going to begin the naming ceremony. Immediately, a number of Gods smirked, ready to give embarrassing aliases to adventurers of weaker Familia. Set's child Seti Selty and Takemikazuchi's child Yamato Mikoto were both given embarrassing nicknames as both were of the weaker Familia. Several Gods contemplated on changing Ais' alias to Our Wife but were intimidated into taking it back by Loki.

When it was Bell's turn to receive an alias, Loki changed her mood as she was suspicious of his level up. She questioned Hestia, accusing her of cheating, driving her into a tough situation. Hestia couldn't reveal the existence of Liaris Freese to the Gods yet she couldn't cover it up or else they would get suspicious. To her surprise, Freya came to her aid, logically arguing that Bell leveled up fairly. She encouraged the other Gods to pick a good alias for him before leaving to attend to her business. While the Gods took the naming seriously, Loki warned Hestia about Freya, pointing out that she had protected a man. Before Hestia could ask further about what she meant, their conversation was interrupted by the Gods deciding on Bell's alias.

Later that day, the aliases chosen were given to the Guild to be announced. The Guild members were amazed by what they considered to be the Gods' excellent naming sense. Eina told Misha that Bell's alias was Little Rookie, happy that he wasn't given a horrible alias.