The Goddess' Mischief (女神のいたずら) is the fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

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Hestia and Loki fought each other while the Gods watching bet on who would win. Ultimately Loki couldn't stand Hestia's well endowed chest and ran off. Freya mentioned how Loki had gotten softer than before and knew that it was due to her children. Hestia also mentioned that she liked her child and Hephaestus mentioned Bell's name. Freya's attitude changed once she heard his name and left the banquet, claiming that she'd finished her business there and that she'd already had enough of the men there. Once Freya had left, Hestia asked Hephaestus for a favor.

Meanwhile, Bell was fighting monsters in the dungeon. After fighting monsters for a while, Bell returned to the Babel and noticed several crates. A sound came from one of the crates, making Bell realize that monsters were inside of them. He overheard several adventurers mention that the monsters were for the Monster Feria that was hosted by the Ganesha Familia.

On the way home, Bell met Miach and wondered why he didn't go to the God's Banquet. Miach told him that he was busy preparing his goods rather than going to the banquet. Miach handed Bell a couple potions for free and reminded him to shop at his Familia's place. The two parted and soon Bell walked by a Hephaestus Familia shop. He stopped in front of the window and admired the weapon, one day wanting to stand next to Ais while wielding one. Unknown to him at the God's Banquet, Hestia asked Hephaestus to make Bell a weapon.

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