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The Blacksmith's Skill (鍛冶師の腕前) is the fifty second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


On the 11th floor of the dungeon, Welf was impressed at how fast Bell defeated a group of monsters, causing Lili to joke about him not paying attention. Spurred on by her remark, Welf began fighting several Orcs with her assistance, successfully killing all of them. Soon after, three Silverbacks appeared and surrounded him. Not knowing what to do, Welf thought about getting Lili to help him but abandoned the idea as a Level 1 wouldn't be much help against them. To his surprise, Bell came to his assistance at high speed, helping him defeat all three of the monsters in no time.

While Lili worked on retrieving the magic stones, Welf talked with Bell about their party, pointing out that they had been doing well thanks to Lili. As they talked, Welf noticed other parties, asking Bell if they should change locations. Bell began to give an answer but then began contemplating about Argonaut, wondering why it appeared in the first place. Lost in thought, Bell didn't notice that his hand was glowing until Welf pointed it out to him.