Truth (真実) is the fifty fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

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Bell and Hestia were talking about Welf, and his reputation. Hestia informed him that Hephaestus favored Welf, and revealed that he was treated harshly within the Hephaestus Familia because he decided against creating magic swords. Hestia then told Bell to do everything he could to stay with Welf, as she prefered he wasn't alone with Lili.

Bell told Ryuu that Welf joined his party, and she then reacted to the name "Crozzo". Upon request, Ryuu told Bell about the Crozzo's history with Rakia, and how they burned villages and forests of the Elves using Crozzo magic swords, stating the Elves then received the falna of another god and attacked Rakia. Once Rakia suffered large casualties and lost their magic swords, the elves' revenge came to an end. Syr joined, apologizing for making Bell wait for his usual food, and Ryuu warned him to be careful when exploring the dungeon.

Bell met up with Welf, and they decided not to go into the dungeon. Welf asked Bell to follow him, and eventually they arrived at his workshop. They discussed the privileges of Hephaestus smiths, and the familia's policy on techniques. Welf explained to Bell he intended to make him all new equipment.

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