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Passionate Thoughts (熱き想い) is the fifty fifth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell and Welf were talking inside his workshop, and Welf asked him if he had any requests. After Bell asked to try out a large sword which was returned after it didn't sell, Welf expressed delight that Bell didn't ask for a magic sword, and apologized for testing him. After Welf asked once again if there was anything he wanted, Bell asked if he could make anything with the drop item he got from the minotaur.

As Welf began his work, Bell asked him why he didn't create magic swords. Welf began by saying that he hated magic swords, and told of his dislike for customers that just wanted magic weapons. When Bell pried further, he talked about why the Crozzos could make magic swords, that being spirits blood from the first Crozzo. After several generations, the ability to make magic swords showed itself again, in the form of a skill after recieving a gods falna. The Crozzos used this ability to gain power and status in Rakia, and Rakia in turn had never lost a battle thanks to the swords. 

Then, all Crozzo swords shattered, and the army began to fall, as well as the Crozzo family. However, upon learning that Welf could create magic swords, his family began to force him to make them. 

Welf then explained his dissatisfaction with that, and that he didn't believe that weapons were meant to be used that way. He expressed that he believed a weapon should never betray their wielder, and that a weapon and wielder were one from the time its hilt was grasped. He said that he hated magic swords as they always left their wielder behind, and that they corrupted people.

Welf finished the weapon he was making for Bell, and told him it was the best quality out of all of his works, telling him to take it.