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A New Advance (新たな進撃) is the fifty sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


On the 12th floor of the dungeonBellWelf, and Lili were engaged in combat near the entrance to the middle floors. Welf noted how well "Mino-tan" turned out, and Bell replied that it was named "Ushiwakamaru" instead. Welf was stunned by a monster, and Bell assisted him using the large sword he had received the previous chapter.

Later, Lili had started the final meeting prior to entering the middle floors, where Bell and party were wearing Salamander Wool. During their talk, Welf asked Bell to stop with formal mannerism and to speak to him casually like Lili.

During a discussion over party formation Lili stated that their party was unstable and that they may not be able to regroup in an emergency. Bell laughed, which led Welf and Lili to ask why. Only for Bell to express that he was excited about exploring the dungeon. Both Welf and Lili agreed, and they left for the middle floors. Bell thought to himself that he would chase after Ais with his companions instead of alone.