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Herald of the Sign (予兆の前触れ) is the fifty seventh chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Takemikazuchi talked to his familia, namely Mikoto and Ouka, and reminded them not to strain themselves too much in the dungeon. Once they left, Takemikazuchi was called to by Hermes. Takemikazuchi allowed his dislike to show on his face, which Hermes used to mock him. Hermes offered his congratulations on the rank up of Mikoto, but Takemikazuchi instead inquired as to why he returned after only a week. Hermes stated that he wrapped up his business quickly as he was curious about the new rookies, especially Bell, then said he couldn't wait to meet him.

On the 13th floor of the dungeon, Bell and his party fought a number of hellhounds and he received a fire attack from one. Fortunately, it did very little damage thanks to the salamander wool. Lili thanked Bell for purchasing the Salamander Wool, and they questioned him as to how much it was. Bell replied that there were 5 zeros, and looked notably depressed over the cost.

After some discussion, they encountered a group of Al MirajLili and Welf made note how similar they were to Bell's rabbit like appearance.