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Premonition of a Complication (縺れの予感) is the fifty eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Hestia and Takemikazuchi discussed the topic of Hermes unusual behavior, and he remarked how well Hestia's shop was doing. He then spoke about his suspicion that Hermes was planning something. Hestia disagreed, arguing that Hermes wouldn't try to cause trouble. He continued to advise caution, and they both spoke of their Familia members on the middle floors of the dungeon.

Hermes and Asfi walked discussing Bell, and the information available. He remarked that he was rather fast reaching the middle floors already, and spoke of his powerful magic, defeating an Infant dragon in one hit. Asfi mentioned his nickname "Cheating Rookie" due to the rumor that he had just stolen the kill from Loki Familia. Hermes replied that Falna wasn't so easily fooled, and Asfi asked if he was planning on doing something to Bell. Hermes made fun of Asfi, asking if she was jealous, causing Asfi to eventually reply that she hated this.

Hermes and Asfi eventually arrived at the Hostess of Fertility, and he asked Mia to make an appointment with Freya for him. She turned him down quickly and turned away. Syr noticed Hermes and approached. He immediately asked her out on a date, annoying Asfi, and then Hermes asked her for any information on Bell Cranel. She stated that she didn't want to tell him anything. 

On the 13th floor of the dungeon, the Takemikazuchi Familia's Chigusa was badly injured by a Almiraj after they encountered a monster party.