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Pass Parade (怪物進呈(パス・パレード)) is the fifty ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


On the 13th floor of the Dungeon, Ouka ordered a retreat as a result of Chigusa being wounded. As they ran from the monsters, they made a plan to run back to the 12th floor and treat Chigusa there. As they retreated they noticed Bell's party and Ouka, in desperation, ordered his party to run through them and make a pass parade. Mikoto expressed concerns about the plan, arguing that the other party would be cornered. Ouka rebuked her stating he cared more about the lives of his party than that of strangers, and a distraught Mikoto was forced to ignore her concerns.

Bell initially didn't understand the situation, until Lili pointed out that they had been used as a decoy. As they struggled to fight back, Lili suggested retreating. During their escape, the Dungeon spawned more monsters and a cave in hit the party cornering them. The nearby Hellhounds launched a fire attack.