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Monster Feria Begins (怪物祭(モンスターフィリア)開幕) is the sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At Hephaestus' office, Hestia was busy doing a dogeza to try and convince her to make Bell a weapon. She asked what Hestia was doing and she told her that it was a dogeza, the ultimate form of asking for forgiveness or acceptance, which she learned from Takemikazuchi. Hephaestus followed up by asking why Hestia was doing this and she answered that it was to help Bell. She blamed herself for not being able to help Bell and wanted some way to help him. Hearing her answer, Hephaestus decided to give in and make the weapon, but not before reminding her that she was going to pay, even if it took a long time. Hestia was overjoyed that Hephaestus herself was going to make the weapon and tagged along to help her.

The same day, Bell was off to the dungeon when he was stopped by Anya. She handed Bell a purse and told him to give it to Syr. Not really sure what she was trying to say, he was helped by Ryuu and Arnya ended up explaining what she meant in detail to Bell. Although he understood their request, Bell didn't know what the Monster Feria was since he was new to Orario. Arnya explained that it was an annual event held by the Ganesha Familia. The members of the Ganesha Familia tamed monsters in front of the crowd. After hearing her explanation, Bell left to deliver the purse.

In another part of Orario, Freya met with Loki and Ais at a cafe. Loki introduced Ais to Freya and bragged that she was on a date with her (in her view). Freya asked Loki what she called her here for, causing Loki to interrogate her on what she was doing. Loki accused her of going after someone from another Familia again, causing Freya to smirk.