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Decision and Proposal (決断と提案) is the sixtieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


At the Guild, a quest to search for Bell Cranel's party was posted, Asfi stated that things have taken a turn for the worse to Hermes.

An Hour Earlier, a panicked Hestia ran into the guild, and called for Eina, asking if Bell had returned from the Dungeon yet. As Eina checked, Hestia's intuition told her that they probably tried to escape from the middle floors, only to fail. Eina returned stating that the Dungeon's money exchange hadn't seen the party, and Hestia asked to post a quest using all of the Hestia Familia's treasury to search for Bell and his party.

Outside of the Guild, Miach called out to Hestia and asked about the condition of Bell and the others, Hestia told him that they must be alive as her blessing hasn't disappeared. Miach reassured her that they were alright, and they went go to meet Hephaestus and Takemikazuchi.

Twenty hours before that, inside the Dungeon an extremely ragged Bell assisted Welf in walking as they tried to escape. Welf suggested he be left behind, Bell and Lili refused. Bell thought to himself that they would have had been wiped out if it wasn't for the Salamander wool, and speculated they are on the 14th floor from being swept away by the ceiling and floor collapse. They encountered a dead end, and Lili suggested they go over their equipment.

Once they considered the dim outlooks of their current situation and items, Lili suggested they make for the 18th floor.