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The Gods' Decision (神々の決断) is the sixty first chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Inside the Dungeon a ragged party that consisted of Bell, Welf, and Lili discussed escaping to the 18th floor safe zone by taking advantage of the vertical holes inside the dungeon. After Welf reminded Lili of the 17th floor boss, the Goliath , Lili reassured him that they should be able to go through before it respawned. They ultimately chose to leave the decision to Bell, who decided they were to try for the 18th floor.

At the Miach Familia home, Takemikazuchi and his familia apologized to Hestia for being the reason as to why Bell and party hadn't yet returned home. After Hestia asked for assistance, and they agreed. Unfortunately, Hephaestus couldn't send any assistance. While Hestia was concerned over manpower, Hermes arrived offering assistance, he claimed he wanted to help Hestia and Bell. After hearing Hermes' plan to bring Asfi and to include himself on the rescue party, Hestia demanded to be included as well.