The Gale Joins the Battle (疾風参戦) is the sixty second chapter of the DanMachi manga.

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At the Miach Familia home, Hermes attempted to dissuade Hestia from joining the rescue party, but was ultimately cornered by his own words. Naaza and Hephaestus gave Hestia potions, and one of Welf's Creations with a message for him. Hermes, concerned by the ability of the party to protect two gods asks Asfi if they could both be protected, to which she replied it was uncertain and ultimately decided to ask for more assistance.

At the Hostess of Fertility, Hermes requested the assistance of the Lion of the Gale. When asked if he was threatening her, Hermes replied that Bell Cranel needed her help. After explaining why he chose her, he left satisfied. After being asked by Syr Ryuu decided to participate, and asked the others to cover for her while she was gone.

Eight Hours since the beginning of their attempt to retreat to the 18th floor, Bell, Welf, and Lili were on the 15th Floor.

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