Time of Departure (出立の刻) is the sixty third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the Dungeon, on the 15th floor, Bell's party had pressed on in their pursuit of the safezone on the 18th floor. Fortunately, Lili had some Morbul, which is much like poison to monsters, meaning they wouldn't be approached by them. Unfortunately however, the Morbul has a putrid smell, which Welf and Bell complained about. Outside of the range of the smell a Hellhound lanched a fire attack and recieved an Ignis Fatuus due to Welf's Magic Will O' Wisp, killing the monster. Bell and Welf shared a dual potion to recover, which caused Lili to become jealous. They discovered a hole to the 16th floor and leapt down.

At 8 o'clock at the west side of central park Bell's rescue party gathered consisting of Takemikazuchi Familia members Mikoto, Ouka, Chigusa, Hermes, Asfi, Hestia, and Ryuu. They then departed to the dungeon.





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