A Confrontation for the Second Time (再びの対峙) is the sixty fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

On the 13th floor of the Dungeon, Ryuu and Asfi had engaged in combat, which thoroughly impressed the rest of the search party. That left Hestia to question Hermes about the rank ups of his familia being falsely reported. Hestia then scared herself by stepping on a defeated monster, and wondered about Bell's safety. Asfi gave the opinion that the party may have headed to the 18th floor instead of the surface, and Ryuu expressed her support of that belief citing Bell was now an experienced adventurer.

On the 16th floor, the effects of the Morbul had ended. Bell's party then experienced immense killing intent, which had come from a minotaur targeting the party.

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