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Do or Die Spirit (決死) is the sixty sixth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


On the 13th floor of the Dungeon, Hestia interrogated Hermes asking why he was interested in saving Bell. Hermes explained that Bell's grandfather wasn't actually dead but instead faked his death. Which led Hestia to speculate on the identity of who Bell's grandfather was. Hermes expressed that he too had an interest in Bell separately, and was going to see if he was a worthy Hero.

The 16th floor, Welf and Lili had finally collapsed from fatigue. Bell resolved himself to save them. Pushing himself and carrying his party until he found another vertical hole, he jumped down. Slamming down on the 17th floor, he saw the entrance to the 18th floor, and tried to hurry over, only to be interrupted by the birth of the floor boss Goliath. He Managed to barely out run the Goliath and made it to the entrance to the 18th floor with his friends then dove head long into it. After landing and coming through he saw the silhouette. He begged the person to save his friends before he collapsed into darkness.