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Miraculous Encounter (奇跡の対面) is the sixty eighth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Inside a tent with Finn, Riveria, and Gareth, Bell thanked them for their help. Finn told him not to worry about it, and that it would be left as a debt. After exiting the tent, he said that he was really nervous with the first class adventurers right in front of him, which Ais ignored and tried to investigate the progress of Bell's growth. They were interrupted by Tiona and Tione, calling him Argonaut. After going red with embarrassment, he escaped to check on his companions. 

Later Lili and Welf woke up, Bell then asked if they were alright, and learned they were. He then told them that they had borrowed a tent from the Loki Familia, to which they apologized to Bell for the trouble. He brushed it off and told them that they only made it to the 18th floor because of one another.

Ais checked up on them and said that dinner was ready, causing them to wonder how Bell knew the Sword Princess. During the Loki Familia's dinner, Finn gave a speech asking the familia to treat Bell's party with respect. They then started to eat. Welf mentioned a town in the under resort, which caused Ais to ask Bell if he wanted to go there. 

Interrupted by noise, Bell ran off to the entrance to the floor, to find Hestia and the rescue party.