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Relationship Difficulties (修羅場) is the sixty ninth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Hestia arrived from the 17th floor and spotted Bell. Immediately she rushed up to him and hugged him crying. After a moment of  hugging, Bell noticed the gazes of those around him, Lili then pulled Hestia off of him. Ryuu then came up to Bell and confirmed he was alright. Hermes introduced himself to Bell, and after being thanked redirected it toward the search party. Lili and Welf noticed the people that pass paraded them causing the crisis to begin with.

Inside the tents, Mikoto and Chigusa apologized for their previous actions. The apology was met with a harsh reception from Welf and Lili. Ouka still believed there wasn' any fault with his order to pass parade them, irritating Welf. Hermes interrupted them and after learning the situation mediated it. Afterwards, Welf was given his creation and the message, which caused him to fall silent.

When they went over plans to go to the surface, they had extra time. As such Hermes suggested sightseeing. Hestia and Lili argued over spending time with Bell.