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The Festival, the Date, and the Search (祭りとデートと人捜し) is the seventh chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Loki asked Freya what type of adventurer she was going after this time, and she answered that the boy was frail and could easily break, but he was pure. As she mentioned that she first saw him through a window, she saw Bell run by in search of Syr. Freya immediately got up and left leaving Loki wondering what happened. Ais had also seen Bell but kept quiet about it.

At Hephaestus' office, Hepheaestus and Hestia had finished the Hestia Knife. Hephaestus put the knife in a sash and tied it to Hestia. Hestia thanked her and ran off, wanting to give Bell the knife as soon as possible. She noticed the posters for the Monster Feria and took a ride to Eastern Orario, only to find that the cart couldn't progress all the way due to the crowd. Hestia got off and took a back street as a shortcut and bumped into Freya. Hestia asked if she'd seen Bell and Freya was surprised to find out that Bell was a part of the Hestia Familia. A plan came to her mind as she directed Hestia to Bell's location.

Hestia met up with Bell and decided to take him on a date. After a while they decided to look for Syr and ended up near the colosseum where they met Eina and Misha. Eina introduced herself to Hestia and Hestia warned her to make sure she didn't take advantage of Bell. Eina promised she wouldn't and the two left.

As they left, Eina overheard several Ganesha Familia members talking about a commotion on the west side of the colosseum. She asked them about it and learned that several people there had seemingly become intoxicated due to unknown causes. Eina realized that the west side was where the monsters were located and worried for Bell's safety. Unknown to any of them, Freya was in the west of the colosseum in preparation to commence with her plan.