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The Incident Happened Like This (事件はこうして起こった) is the seventieth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


The group had just arrived at Rivira, the town on the 18th floor. Hestia immediately grabbed Bell and tried to run off. The others discussed the happenings of the town, while Hestia expressed annoyance that her and Bell were being followed. Bell noticed that Hestia seemed different, she replied that it would be troublesome if it was found out that they were gods in the Dungeon.

Bell bumped into Mord, who was irritated by his being there. However, upon noticing Ais, left them alone. Hermes and Hestia asked Bell about the atmosphere between the two. Hermes was interested in Mord viewing Bell as an enemy.

Bell, who separated himself from the rest of the group was found by Ais, then accidentally let his true feelings show over her worry. Bell asked about her fight with a Monster Rex, and noted the difference between the two. Hestia interrupted, annoyed that Bell had left her. 

Back at the camp, Hermes asked to speak to Bell, stressing the importance.