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The Incident Developed into Trouble!? (事件は難儀な展開に!?) is the seventy first chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the trees of the 18th floor, Bell asked Hermes as to why they were up there, Hermes pointed down explaining that he had not said they were going to talk. After looking down Bell saw all of the women bathing. Bell panicked and started to ask Hermes to go back with him, but his frantic movements broke the branch and he fell into the water with the women. 

Immediately being noticed by Tione and Tiona , who hadn't the least bit of shame, which further embarrassed Bell. After looking around, he saw them all naked, and after seeing his idol Ais, he ran off apologizing. 

He ran away to another stream, only to discover Ryuu bathing. She threw her sword in his direction, and then asked for his defense. After Bell explained the situation, she asked that he follow her.