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Past and Present (過去と現在) is the seventy second chapter of the DanMachi manga.


Bell followed Ryuu , while wondering what she was going to do to him, she said that she just wanted to visit somewhere. Bell asked if she believed him and she responded that he should not hold himself in contempt. She then brought him to the grave of her companions, telling him that she sometimes brought them flowers. She then told him that she was on the Guild's blacklist.

She explained that her familia had acted as a police force in Orario. That they had been caught in a trap by an enemy familia, and every member of her familia fell except for herself. She further explained that she went on a rampage to get revenge, attacking anyone suspicious.

Once she had finished her revenge, she was saved by Syr, who helped her get a job at the Hostess of Fertility. She began to call herself a shameless elf, but was stopped by Bell, who told her not to hold herself in contempt. She said that she was unable to associate with other races directly, but nevertheless someone held her hand. She then called him a kind human worth respecting.

Back in Rivira, Hermes was walking to a pub, as he had thought up something interesting.