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A Sudden Incident (突然の出来事) is the seventy third chapter of the DanMachi manga.


In the pub in Rivira town, Mord was still angry and shaking after he met Bell on the 18th floor of the dungeon. He couldn't understand how Bell made it so far and was sure that he used some tricks to do it. The other adventurers laughed at Mord, asking if he was jealous and told him to quit acting like that, as if it was his problem. However, soon Mord explained that Bell was making fools of them, who've been there for years and they agreed with him. While they were wondering how to teach Bell a lesson, unexpectedly Hermes appeared along with Asfi. Mord tried to threaten him, but Hermes didn't care about this and gave him a magical helmet made by Perseus, encouraging Mord to entertain him.

Meanwhile, in the tent Hestia finished updating Bell's status. As she stated all his stats went up at once last time, what's more he's achieved some kind of achievement while he was struggling on his way to the 18th floor and now he was closer to his next rank-up. Bell decided to say hello to Ais, before Loki Familia leave and Hestia agreed that he should thank her properly. While she was gathering their things, Hestia suddenly noticed something strange. She looked at the entrance of the tent, wondering if Bell forgot something but there wasn't anyone. Later she was unexpectedly assaulted by an invisible aggressor who took her outside, leaving a message on the ground.