Tested Resolve (試される決意) is the seventy fourth chapter of the DanMachi manga.


The first party of Loki Familia members was leaving the 18th floor of the dungeon. Bell approached them and talked with Ais, grateful for her help and asked her to be careful. His presence clearly shocked Bete, who didn't notice Bell before. Tiona forced him to move on and Bell could continue his friendly conversation with Ais. When they left, Welf and Lili showed up, with the latter stating that they should use the opportunity that Loki Familia was going to kill Goliath and leave the 18th floor as soon as possible. Well informed Bell that he serviced his armour and weapons, using tools which he borrowed from his familia members.

Right after Bell returned to their tent but Hestia wasn't there. While he was wondering where she could go, he noticed a note on the ground and when he read it, he realized that Hestia was kidnapped. Indignation surged up within him and without a moment of hesitation, Bell rushed to the spot of the meeting, almost hitting disoriented Chigusa.

Meanwhile, in the nearby forest, Hestia was tied to the tree and demanded an explanation of what was going on, reminding of her status as a goddess. Mord along with his comrades Scott Olds and Guile India were deeply amused with this situation. When Hestia asked if Mord was using magic, because he's been continuously disappearing and appearing, he explained that he had something far better, the hat of Hades made by Perseus, which made him invisible. Mord claimed that they didn't have any business with Hestia however, when she wasn't going to stay quiet, he warned her to calm down, otherwise they would have to cut her hair or clothes. As Mord stated their goal was to familiarize Bell with the adventurers' code.

On his way to the single crystal, Bell defeated a monster using Hestia Knife and Firebolt. When the adventurers noticed the explosion, they knew he was close. Mord ordered Scott and Guile to keep an eye of Hestia and went to meet with Bell. When Bell approached him, he immediately asked about Hestia however, Mord explained that she was ok, they didn't dare to injure a god. Bell demanded explanation why they kidnapped her and Mord simply told that she was just a bait to lure him into a trap and challenged Bell to a duel. Mord stated that the winner would be able to give a single order to the loser and Bell confirmed that he understood, asking to free Hestia in case he won.



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